Running for a Cause


This past Saturday I completed my second 5K of the year. My goal for 2016 is 12, so 10 more to go. The next one is this weekend, so I’ll be down to 9. The one this past weekend was the Willpower 5K. Since I began running last year, I look for races that support a good cause. Of course I want to run, but the main reason I chose this one is for the cause.

I met the NeSmith family several years ago at church. While I don’t know them well, I know the story of what Will NeSmith went through in 2012. On June 15 of that year, Will (who was 13 at the time) suffered a massive brain hemorrhage while he was attending a summer camp. Surgeons saved his life, but his brain suffered traumatic injuries during the event. Following the surgery, Will spent 3 weeks in a coma and 2 months in the hospital.

The Willpower 5K was created by Will in 2013 to celebrate his recovery and to help fund his long-term rehabilitation. The race also raises money and awareness for HHT – the genetic condition that led to Will’s hemorrhage. Learn more about Will’s story by visiting the Willpower 5K Facebook page. To learn more about HHT please visit

I chose this race because I know the family, and I know it is for a good cause. Finishing any race brings a feeling of accomplishment and joy, but that is magnified by knowing there is more to the race than just the running. This is one I’ll repeat every year it is offered – that is as long as I am able to run.

My next race is this Saturday, and it is also for a good cause. More about that once I’ve finished it.

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