One Down…Eleven To Go



I set a personal goal for 2016 to complete twelve (12) 5K races. This weekend I completed my first of the year…the Nashville Hot Chocolate 5K.

It was a very cold morning for a run…23º when we started. But I was committed to do it no matter what. I wasn’t going to allow the frigid temps to sideline me. So, I ran. It wasn’t my best time, but that doesn’t matter. I felt great and finished the race.


One down…eleven to go! I’m not registered for my second one of the year yet, but I’m sure I soon will be. There are several upcoming races I’m interested in. I just need to pick one (or several) and sign up. After getting this one done, I’m ready for the next one. I never wanted to be a runner and told people I would never do it. Never say never, right? I can honestly say I’m hooked. I enjoy running and look forward to it. Bring on the next race!

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