Beware the Red Cups!

OK, so it seems like everyone has an opinion on the evil Starbucks red cups. No, I really don’t think they are evil, but it sure seems like lots of people do. I can’t believe the number of people out there talking about how Starbucks is anti-Christmas simply because they have the audacity to put out a simple, plain red cup. How dare they??? Why, they must be Satan’s spawn!

Really? I mean, really?? Come on people. Since when does a red cup define Christmas? I’m amazed that people are offended by this, yet they embrace colored lights, shiny ornaments, and wrapped gifts (ALL pagan traditions). News flash – NONE of these things are Christmas!

But I know certain so-called “Christians” will read this and be offended. After all, Starbucks is taking Christ out of Christmas. No, actually that was done years ago…long before the Starbucks red cup idea. If anything, the red cup, at least for me, is a sign of the upcoming Christmas season.

I’ve done it now! I’m siding with the evil red cups – oh no!! What’s next? Will I be drinking the Kool-Aid, too? Well, not exactly. But, I am guilty – I drank the coffee, from the red cup no less!


That’s it! I must be against Christmas now. I’ve done the deed…sipped the elixir from the evil red cup. Guess I’m bound for an eternity in Hell now!

Yes, I’m being very facetious here. But isn’t it sad that we have “Christians” who are so offended that Starbucks introduced a plain red cup and stole Christmas?

I found this little nugget online, and it sums up the ridiculousness of the whole “red cup controversy”.


My friends, if your Christmas is defined by a red cup, or lights, or a tree, or gifts, or parties (add anything else to the list you like), then you need to examine your heart. Christmas isn’t about ANY of those things. If you are a believer – a Christ follower – you should not be offended by the red cup, because you know the true meaning of Christmas, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

I personally embrace the red cup. I even like the simple, plain cup better. To me, it strips away all of the extras that people add to the season. The red cup is (hear me on this) – JUST A CUP!!! What matters is what is inside. In this case, coffee. Compare that to Christmas. Yes, we can decorate our homes, put up trees and lights, and wrap gifts. Those traditions are great, but what matters is what is on the inside. What does your heart say about Christmas? Is your Christmas defined by a red cup, or by a baby in a manger?

Think about it…

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