Meeting New People


I was thinking earlier about how fortunate I have been over the past few years. I haven’t had the best luck, and I certainly wish some things that have happened were different, but there is one area in my life that has been great, especially the past 3-4 years. I have met some amazing people!!

I came across this picture and shared it via social media earlier. It is so true! I truly believe that people are meant to cross our paths at the right times. We don’t meet them by accident. I think this has been true for me. I’ve had a rough few years, but there have been some pretty incredible people who have crossed my path during that time. Many of them have become some of my closest friends. Some have become more important than others, but all made an impact on my life. These are people I will never forget. Even the ones who were only in my life for a brief time – I won’t forget what they brought to the table.

That made me realize how much I love meeting new people! Please understand that I wasn’t always this way. Years ago I did NOT enjoy meeting new people. It felt awkward to me…I didn’t know what to say…I was uncomfortable trying to make small talk…I felt out of my element. All of that changed as I’ve aged. I can’t point to an exact time when it changed, but I can tell you now I am as comfortable talking to someone new as I am speaking to an old friend. In some ways I’m more comfortable. I really do enjoy meeting new people…getting to know all about them,,,discovering commonalities, as well as differences. For me, meeting new people is an adventure, and I’m always excited to see where that adventure leads.

Sometime the adventure has taken me places I never expected. Meeting that new person has led me to love. Other times it has led to disappointment. Still other times it has led to laughter. And at times, tears. But, the adventure has always been great! I look at it this way, if I had not met someone new I would not have known that love, or laughed till I cried, or known the sting of heartbreak. Sometimes the adventure leads to happiness, and sometimes it hurts. But the adventure can’t happen without first taking the risk and getting to know that new someone.

I’m thankful for the friendships that have been formed because of my love for meeting new people. I’ll be forever grateful for relationships that were spawned from a friendship that was formed after meeting someone new. Life is too short to sit idly by and never discover someone new. So I say take some chances! Introduce yourself to someone new. Start the adventure. You never know if this could be your greatest adventure yet!

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