My Greatest Personal Desire

31 day

I’ve made it to the last day…day 31 of my 31 day blog challenge. This month I’ve shared lots of very personal things…things from the heart. Today may be the day I open up more than usual. Today I share my greatest personal desire.

The older I get, the less stuff I want. I honesty don’t want, or need, any more junk cluttering up my life. I’m at the point now in life that relationships are most important to me…relationships with family, friends, and hopefully someone special someday. That is my greatest personal desire.

You see, while I don’t mind being alone, I don’t want to be lonely. I think everyone needs someone i their life…to share in the good times and the bad…someone to laugh with, cry with, take care of…to do life with. I’ve had that briefly, but that is what I want permanently. My greatest desire is to find that one special someone who wants to do life together…share in the good and the bad…someone who cares and who needs to be cared for.

I’ve thought I had that someone before, but I guess I was wrong. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the problem. Maybe I’m not meant to be with someone else. Who knows. I want to believe that there is someone out there who will enter my life and will never want to leave or hurt me. I want to believe that the chance for happiness still exists. I want to believe that I can be loved.

This month, as I’ve shared so much with you, I’ve realized that I’m at the age where I don’t care much about how people perceive me. If you like me, that’s fine. If you don’t, I’m OK with that too. I just want to be me…to be real and share who I am. This is me…this is how I feel, and I’m willing to open myself up by sharing such personal info publicly. Sure, I know this could open myself up for you to judge me, but that’s OK. This is me,,,this is who I am. And, I’m holding on to the hope that there is someone out there who sees me for who I am, and will love that. Until then, I’ll just keep being me and living life.

Thanks for reading my posts this month. Thanks for enduring some very personal stuff. Thanks for your kind words and you support. I look forward to sharing more. Who knows, maybe that special someone is reading this now.

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