Top Things on my Bucket List

31 day

Day 28 of my 31 day blog challenge is the top things on my bucket list. These are things that I most want to do before I die. Honestly, my list isn’t very long. But, I do have some adventures I would like to take. Here are the top things on my list.

Travel the World


I’ve never left this country, and I want that to change. I really want to see as much of this world as possible. I would love to visit Europe…tour Italy, France, Germany, Austria, etc. There are so many places I want to see, and so many adventures to take. I want to view Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower, see the pyramids in Egypt, explore Greece, and sail the Mediterranean. I would love to walk the Great Wall of China, visit Vienna, and even climb (at least partly) Mt. Everest. I doubt I’ll ever get to visit all the places I would like, but my dream would be to see as many as possible.

See a football game in every NFL stadium


So, this is a little different than traveling the world, but it still involves travel. I love football, and seeing it live at the stadium is the best! One of the top things on my bucket list is to see at least one game in every NFL stadium. I have a long way to go with this one. So far I’ve only seen games in 3, and one no longer exists. I’ve seen games in the Astrodome (gone) in Houston, TX, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA, and Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN. I’ve been inside a couple of other stadiums but never for a game. This item on my list is more likely than traveling the world, so hopefully I can make it happen.

Write and publish a book

This one might be the least likely to happen, but I’ve thought for a long time I might be able to write a book. I’ve really never applied myself, so I’m not sure if this could be a reality or not. Still, it would be cool to write a book and actually have it published. It’s on my list, and who knows…I might give it a shot.

While the things on my list (these and others not listed) are important to me, there is one thing that is more important. The top thing on my bucket list it this…to find someone special to do all the other things with. I want to have someone to share life with…take adventures with. Traveling would be great, but I don’t want to go alone. Visiting every NFL stadium is a goal, but going with someone special is a dream. Writing a book would be cool, but sharing that moment with my soul mate would be the ultimate high. You see, in order to complete my bucket list I want that someone special who will be by my side through it all. That is my number one item on the list…finding that one special someone who wants to share life with me.

Oh well, it’s just a list, right? Maybe one day some of the things will happen. A man can dream. Who knows, perhaps some dreams really do come true.

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