Pet Peeves

31 day

Only a few more days to go in this 31 day blog challenge. I’m sure some of you have learned new things about me. Today is day 27, and I’ll talk about some of my pet peeves.

We all have those things that just annoy us so much. Some people hate to hear people whistle. Others can’t handle loud talkers. There are so many annoyances. I have plenty of pet peeves, but I’ll share only three with you today.

Bad Drivers

This is the one that just drives me crazy, and it seems like there are more and more of them on the roads every day. I’m not a perfect driver, and I’m sure I do things sometimes that annoy others. But the ones I’m talking about here are the chronically horrible drivers. You know the ones…the never use a turn signal; they don’t understand basic traffic signs (like merge or yield); they are incapable of maintaining a constant speed; or they drive like 80 mph in the right lane, but get into the left lane and run 55 mph. I see so much insanity every day during my commute to and from work it makes me want to move somewhere in the middle of nowhere where the only traffic problems involve the big International Harvester chugging along at 5 mph.

People who refuse to accept responsibility for anything

You know someone like this…I know you do. It’s that guy at work who always finds someone else to blame for the job not getting done. It’s the woman who blames it on her husband. Or, it’s the parents who find ways to use their kids as the scapegoat. Personal responsibility seems to have left the building. What happened to people making mistakes, accepting they messed up, learning from said mistakes, and moving on? Come on people…step up and take some responsibility!

Automobile Dealership Commercials

I absolutely hate these! Why are they always 3 times louder than every other commercial? And, why do the dealerships insist on using people with zero acting skills who have trouble reading their script? I’m sorry, but some of these people sound like they couldn’t even pass a 5th grade English test. Somehow, I don’t see how annoying TV ads can help you sell cars. I’ve never liked these ads. I remember seeing some as a child, and I thought then that those people are horrible actors. When I lived in Atlanta I would watch the early morning newscast. It seemed that was prime time to run auto dealer ads, because they would come on with blaring volumes. I’m getting annoyed just writing about them!

So, I could go on. There are many more to share, but I’ll stop and spare you my rants. Just remember, if you really want to annoy me, show me a loud commercial for a car dealership, depicting a horrible driver, then tell me it’s someone else’s fault. 🙂

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