If I Won the Lottery

31 day

I’m trying to keep my posts with this 31 day challenge up to date, but sometimes that is very difficult. I’m currently 3 days behind schedule. So, this one is Day 15 – If I Won the Lottery.

If I won the lottery…well, I guess first I need to buy a ticket. I honestly don’t play often. I’ll buy a ticket occasionally, but it is rare. But, let’s say I did and I won. What would I do?

The first thing is probably pretty obvious…I would pay off al my debt. I think that’s probably what most would say. After that I have some charitable organizations I would help, along with some individuals. Of course I would make some purchases, starting with a house (or condo). There are some items I would like to have, but I really think my purchases for stuff would be limited. The older I get the less stuff I want. But, there are a few items.

I know I would quit my job. I don’t hate my job, and I’m not afraid of hard work. But, I certainly would like to do something more fulfilling. I’m sure I would go back to work somewhere…or start my own business. But first, I would take some much needed vacation time. I would travel.

Travel would be my vice. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and if I had the money I would do that often. I’ve never left the country, and I would absolutely love to travel outside the USA. I would love to see Europe.

Otherwise I honestly think my life would be pretty much the same. I’ve never lived an extravagant lifestyle, and I don’t think I could…that’s just not me. It would be nice to have the money to go where I wanted to, whenever I wanted, but otherwise I would just be me.

So there you have it…what I would do if I won the lottery.

Now someone give me the winning numbers… 🙂

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