5 Favorite Foods

31 day

So, I’m back on track (for now) with this 31 day challenge. Today is Oct. 9, and I’m posting day 9 – 5 Favorite Foods.

This one was harder than I thought. I really like food! Picking 5 favorites is difficult. In fact, I have others that I like equally as much as these. But, I had to pick only 5, so here we go.

Hamburgers – I know they are bad for me, but I love a good, greasy burger. I don’t eat read meat often (rarely these days), but when I do it usually is ground and shaped into a patty. There are some great places in Nashville to get a very tasty burger, so it is always easy to find a good one.

Calamari – This is one of those I don’t eat often, but it truly is one of my favorite foods.

Buffalo Wings – I like mine hot! Bone-in, boneless, breaded or not…doesn’t matter. I could eat wings daily.

Pasta – Yeah, I know this is vague. After all, there are numerous varieties of pasta. Honestly, there are very few pasta dishes I won’t eat. Unless it has pesto (can’t stand that stuff), I’m eating me some pasta.

Pulled Pork BBQ – I really like any BBQ…ribs, chicken, brisket, etc. But, pulled pork is my favorite. I’ll eat a sandwich occasionally, but I just like the meat. Add a little coleslaw on top and I’m all set.

There are certainly many, many other foods I enjoy and could easily list dozens. But these are my top 5. Now I’m hungry. 🙂

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