The Prayers of a Friend


I’ve heard it said that the three most important words a person can hear are, “I love you”. I’ll agree that, if they are from the heart, those are important words. However, I think there are four words a person can hear that are more powerful and more meaningful. In fact, I personally feel very special when I hear these words – especially when they come from a trusted friend. What are those words?


I’ve recently had conversations with a friend about some things she has dealt with. In the midst of this, I had some things arise in my life and I asked her to pray for me. She told me she prays for me daily. Wow! I was blown away. I actually almost cried when I read those words from her. Here she is in the middle of her own crisis, yet she is taking the time to pray for her friend. Words simply cannot describe the feelings that this stirs inside me.

I won’t sit here and tell you my prayer life is the best it could be. There are certainly times I could pray more, but I do try to pray for my friends. I know how important that is to someone. Hearing my friend say she is praying for me means the world to me, and I want others to know that feeling – the feeling of being prayed for.

To my friend who made me feel so very special (you know who you are) – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

For all of my friends out there reading this…How can I pray for you?

And, would you pray for me?

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