Time is Short: What Are You Doing?

We are just over halfway through January and I have already known of 8 people who have passed away this year. Of those, I personally knew 3 of them. Each of these deaths have affected me or someone I know. The purpose of this post isn’t to talk about these deaths or the grief that each family is feeling. I certainly don’t want to discount that. Believe me, I know what it means to lose someone very close to me. Instead, I want to focus on the thoughts that have been floating around in my head in the wake of these events.

There is nothing like death to make you take a step back and examine your own life. This is especially true when someone close to you passes away, or they die at a rather young age. One thing that has been on my mind after the recent deaths of family and friends is this:

Time is short.

Really, when you think about it our time here on this earth is very short. Even if one lives to be 100, that 100 years in comparison to eternity is short. No one knows who long he/she has. That isn’t for us to decide. No doubt everyone wants to live as long as they can. We want as much time as possible with those we love and care about. I don’t know of a single person who longs for death to overtake them. Rather, they plan for the future with the expectation that they will be around for a while. The reality, however, is that we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. That leads me to a question.

What are you doing?

I guess I should really say, “What am I doing?”. Hearing of others passing away has made me stop and wonder what I am doing with what God has given me. Am I investing in His kingdom, or am I living for myself? Do I love others the way Christ loved, or do I select those I want to love? Am I serving Him or man? God has given us a short time, so what are we doing with that time?

I’ve been thinking about my life in recent weeks. I’m no different from most who will read this. I want to live as long as I can to be with those I love. I’ll say that I know my future in Him is secure, so death doesn’t scare me. When He calls me home, I’ll be ready to go. But, I hope that isn’t soon. So, while I’m here and have breath, I need to be about Kingdom work. How can I serve Christ and others every day? Am I doing His work?

In the age of social media when someone dies there are many posts about them on various social networks. Some speak of how good that person was. Others tell how deeply saddened they are by the death. Still others post remembrances of good times. While reading these I can’t help but wonder what people would say about me. I would hope people would say I was a good guy who loved and cared for his kids. But, more than anything I want to be remembered in this way.

He was a man of faith who served his savior Jesus Christ daily!

I hope we all have lots more time to be with our loved ones. Remember, however, there is no guarantee of tomorrow and time is short. What are you doing?

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