My New Ink

This past Tuesday I added some new ink to my arm. I already had one tattoo and had wanted another for a while. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. I decided on something about a month ago and scheduled the appointment. Below is the result.

New Tat

I know by posting this that there will be some who judge me because of the mere idea of a tattoo. So, go ahead & judge if you will. I say to each their own. I’ve learned not to put too much stock in some of the things people think and say about them.

The people who have already seen this like it and have a common question. They want to know the significance. Not all ink has personal meaning, but this ink does.

The music is for me. I love music…performing it, listening to it, singing it (although that’s best performed in the shower or car šŸ™‚ ). Those who know me well know I have a passion for music. So, when I decided on this tattoo I knew I wanted to incorporate music.

The flower, a tulip if you couldn’t tell, is for my mother. She passed away 5 years ago this past December 31, and I still miss her. I’ve missed having her around during all the turmoil in my life over the past few years. A little while back I came across a photo of some tulips and thought of her and the idea to use a tulip as the focal point of my new ink. You see, when I was growing up she always had tulips growing in the yard. I remember them well…reds, yellows, purples,…so many colors. The ones I remember best are the hybrid tulips. I was always fond of the red & yellow ones. The tulip was her favorite flower, so I decided to use it as a permanent tribute to her.

I know people have different feelings about and opinions of tattoos, and I respect that. You may think it is crazy to get them, or you may love them. I think it is a personal preference that each person is entitled to. I got my first one in 2010 and it took almost 3 years for number 2. I never thought I would have one, but now that I do I can honestly say I’m very happy with my decisions to be inked. This post wasn’t something I had to share, but it was one I wanted to share. I want people to know about me…whether you like those things or not…and my ink is part of who I am.

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