Leaving a Legacy

I love the commercial above! The first time I saw it I laughed out loud, and I stop what I’m doing and watch when I see it. It certainly is humorous and memorable. Setting humor aside I began thinking about what the commercial says.

Pass down something he will be grateful for.

That line made me think about what I’m passing to my kids. What kind of legacy will I leave? Of course that is much deeper than a car, or the ability to throw a ball. When you consider the tremendous responsibility of raising kids you don’t always think about the legacy you’ll leave. But that is very important. So, I’ve asked myself what I’m passing along to them.

I won’t claim to be the world’s greatest dad. I try my best, but I fall short when it comes to getting fatherhood right all the time. I teach my girls right from wrong, help them with learning skills, and support their interests. I’ve passed along to them a love for music, my weird sense of humor (not sure if that’s good), and some quirky personality traits. That’s all well and good, but my hope is that I’ll leave something more lasting.

I try as best I can to set a good example of being a Christ follower to my kids. Again, I fall short, but I make sure they see my dedication to my faith, even when it isn’t good. I think they need to see that being a Christ follower doesn’t make you good or make you always do the right things. I’m very intentional that they see the work I do (all volunteer) for my church. I don’t do it for show…not at all. I enjoy serving and it is my way to give back. I want my kids to see and understand that “faith without works is useless” (James 2:20).

So, what am I passing on to my kids? I hope I am leaving a legacy of being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. My goal is that they will see the passion I have for the acts of service and want to do the same. As a Christian parent, I think the best things you can pass down to your kids is the understanding of the importance of being a sold-out Christ follower and the service that goes along with it.

How am I doing??? You’ll have to ask my kids. 🙂

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