Why I Do It

Some days in the office are more difficult than others. I really enjoy my job, but, like most people, some days I get stressed and wonder why I do it. Well, today I was reminded why.

The company I work for provides jobs for many disabled and disadvantaged people. We have a very special group of folks who are our most severely disabled. Some are blind…others have severe mental disabilities…some are missing limbs and have other physical challenges. One thing they all share is the strongest work ethic I’ve ever seen. These people absolutely love their jobs! They will show up to work no matter what. In fact, many of them are disappointed if they are sick and can’t make it in. They are truly grateful for the jobs they have, and they show it daily in their attitudes and quality of work.

Today we had a Christmas party specifically for this group. They were all brought into our board room where they applauded when the pizza arrived. They were so happy to see everyone showing them so much love today. They ate, talked, told jokes and talked sports. I sat with a few other managers and senior staff members observing the activities. It was so much fun just watching all of them interact, but that was just the beginning.

A short time later Santa arrived and the room absolutely erupted with cheers of delight. Many of these folks jumped up to meet Santa and give him a hug or a high-five. As Santa made his rounds each person looked on with the awe of a child. They were even more excited as Santa gave out their gifts, and many were surprised when they received exactly what they had asked for. It was such a great time.

As I sat there watching these activities I leaned over to the president of our company and told him that seeing that was a great reminder of why I went to work there. I was reminded of exactly why I do it every day. It isn’t because I enjoy the stresses associated with logistics management. It certainly isn’t to hear complaints when things go wrong. No, I do it because of the people we help. These people, and many others, are the reasons I get up and go to work every day. While my job doesn’t allow me to directly interact with many of them each day, I know that what I do allows them the dignity of having a job. Watching them today reminded me that it isn’t about me. It was a great reminder that I truly am second.

I can honestly say I am employed by the best organization I have ever worked for. Not because of how I am treated (which is unbelievably well) but because of the awesome work they do for those in need. I really do love my job!!

One thought on “Why I Do It

  1. About 2 years ago I was working at a place that sounds exactly like the same place. I was so blessed to go into work each day and get to be around such a wonderful group pf co-workers. I no longer work there but what I learned from being there will stay with me forever.

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