Entitlement & Ungratefulness


We have a 2-part epidemic in this country. Part 1 is known as entitlement. Far too many people, both young and old, feel they are entitled to everything. More and more you see people who think it is their right to have most things handed to them, and they need not do anything to earn it. What makes things worse is our governing officials support this idea. What happened???

Part 2 of the epidemic is ungratefulness. I’ve noticed that the same people who want everything handed to them aren’t thankful when they get it. No, there seems to be an attitude that they should have gotten more…that it’s not fair. What is wrong with people???

I recently experienced an example of this. A group of people received something that they didn’t work for, and it was unexpected. In addition, there was great generosity shown when this was given. I expected the group of people would be happy and very appreciative, but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t believe it when only 1 person out of about 50 even said “thank you”. There were even some who complained and thought they should have received more. Really??? You didn’t have to do anything more for this gift, yet you felt it was unfair???

This whole entitlement mentality irritates me so much. Being ungrateful makes it even worse. Where did we go wrong in this country, and what needs to be done to change it?

One thought on “Entitlement & Ungratefulness

  1. This is so true. I get so much slack for teaching my kids that they don’t deserve anything, for making them work and struggle and sometimes go without but entitlement is exactly what I’m trying to avoid for them because I know that if I give them everything, they will never be happy with anything but if I withhold from them, it makes them grateful. Such a hard thing to do but so worth it!

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