Courtroom Observations

Yesterday I had the unfortunate opportunity to spend several hours in a courtroom. While waiting my turn there wasn’t much to do other than play on my phone and observe others in the room. I decided the latter was more entertaining, so I grabbed my phone and listed these courtroom observations.

  • Most people in here look like they would rather be getting a proctology exam (myself included).
  • The lawyers are the only ones laughing.
  • The lawyers are the only ones making money.
  • These benches are more uncomfortable than old church pews.
  • It is 60° outside and about 12° in the courtroom.
  • I have way too much to do at work to be sitting here so long doing absolutely nothing.
  • I knew I should have eaten something before court.
  • While I wonder what is taking so long, the lawyers are probably thinking they are glad they charge by the hour.
  • I’m convinced the reason it is taking so long is because they are writing decisions on stone tablets.
  • Thank God for iPhone apps!

While the courtroom was somewhere I really did not want to be, at least I found a little humor while I was waiting. In fact, my boss sent me this note in response to an e-mail. He told me to focus on the lawyers running around and think of this.

Q: How can you tell if a dog or a lawyer was run over by a car?

A: There will be skid marks behind the dog.

Maybe this bit of courtroom humor will make you laugh as well.

One thought on “Courtroom Observations

  1. Ugh I know exactly how you feel! The being inside the court room is the worst. Not to mention just being there instantly puts everyone in a bad mood, so its hard to catch a break or even a small smile from anyone!!!

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