The Power of a Kind Word

Have you ever been the recipient of a kind word? How did it make you feel?

I was the unexpected recipient of some kind words today. One of my employees surprised me today during a normal conversation. He spoke some very kind words about me, and it really made me feel good. It was absolutely something I did not expect. After all, it was just a normal everyday conversation. His words meant a lot, but there was something else as well.

During the course of the conversation he spoke of my faith. Again, I was surprised. We have briefly spoken about God and faith, but never in-depth enough (or so I thought) for him to know where I stand. However, he did know. In fact, it was almost as if he had been told by someone other than me about me. Then he said something else that made me realize the true power of kind words. I can’t remember word for word, but it went something like this.

When we knew you were coming some folks were worried that you would manage with an iron fist, but you didn’t. You came in and showed us you are a gentle leader. You listen to us and speak kindly to us.

Wow! I had no idea my management style had such a positive impact. I was honestly blown away by this. His kind words were totally unexpected. Let me say I am not sharing this because I want to brag about what someone said about me. Instead, I want my readers to see that the quote above is so true. While we may not remember the kind words we speak (I certainly did not), the recipient may very well hold on to them for a long time.


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