LOL…Not Always Funny

Everyone in Tennessee knows there is a law on the books that bans texting while driving. Everyone also knows that lots of folks break that law every day. Have you ever really stopped to consider just how dangerous that simple little action can be? A short LOL or 🙂 could be your last text.

During a safety meeting at work today we watched the video included below. I’ll speak for myself when I say it will change the way you view texting and driving. I would hate to think the last text someone read was one from me, or the last one sent was intended for me. With my oldest daughter only a few months away from obtaining her learner’s permit, this message really hit home with me. I love my kids (and my sister, friends, etc.) too much to not warn them about the dangers of texting and driving. I want everyone who reads this blog to get the message as well. Please take 11 minutes to watch this video. Stay safe!!

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