A New Chapter

I view life as a book. Each day another part of the story is being written. Sometimes we have some control over the content. Other times the story may take an unexpected turn and be completely out of our control. Either way the book of our lives is being written, one chapter at a time. I’m happy to announce that my book is getting a new chapter. Almost 18 months after I walked away from my last full-time job, I’m happy to report that I am starting a new career! It is a very exciting time that I want to share with all my readers.

First allow me to give a quick recap of how I got to this place. I spent 8 years at my previous employer (and really hated much of that time) before I made a prayerful decision to leave that job. Although the decision has cost me a great deal, I stand by the decision and still feel it was the right move. A few months after leaving I took a temporary part-time job at Target while I continued to look for a new career. That temporary job turned out to be something I really enjoyed, and I’ve spent the last 15 months working there. I really think God used that time (that chapter in the book) to challenge me and help grow my faith. I prayed for a long time about finding the right job, and I know His timing is always perfect. He was preparing me for the next chapter.

In a few days I will begin that new chapter. I have accepted the position of Logistics Manager with Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. I am excited about the opportunity and feel this will be a great organization for which to work. They are a not-for-profit company who does amazing work in the community. Early in my job search I had prayed that God would lead me to something bigger and better than just a job. I wanted a new career, and I wanted Him to use me to help make a difference in the lives of others. I am confident that working for a company like Goodwill will allow me to do that.

While I was taking a couple of days to think about the job offer and make sure it was what I wanted to do, I received an e-mail from the gentleman who will be my new boss. He said he wanted to take some time to tell me his story about how he ended up at Goodwill. One part of the message stood out and greatly influenced my decision. After telling me that the job at Goodwill is the best he has ever had he wrote this.

Until Goodwill, I worked for a privately held company and I knew my job was to increase the stockholders equity over the long-term. What a great thing it is to know that now the job is to help people who are in need of help. And every day I can see it. Blind people productively employed, people missing limbs and other physical disabilities working full-time and loving their jobs. The intellectually challenged folks who have been told all of their lives what they can’t do are treated with dignity and respect and are told there is nothing really they can’t do and now they’re doing things that even they didn’t think they could do. And those people who have made mistakes in their lives and have been in trouble with the law who can’t find businesses that will even consider them until they find Goodwill and see that we embrace those who are interested in changing their lives and interested in doing the right thing. This job turned out to be much more than I ever dreamed of. I consider it a privilege to be able to work here and to work with those we are in existence to serve.

Reading that reminded me of what I had asked God to do…use me to make a difference and help others. I really feel that He is answering that prayer!

I’m looking forward to starting my new career, and the next chapter in my life book, in just a few days. I’m very thankful got the new mission field God has placed before me. I hope He will indeed use me to help others and make a real difference. I want to personally thank everyone who has supported me with your prayers and job leads over the past 18 months. It has been a long, hard road, but I’ve learned so much along the way. My faith in and dependence on Jesus Christ has increased so much because of what I have faced. Although it has been difficult, I’m thankful for the trials I have faced. Now I look forward to a brighter future and a new chapter.

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