Life Changes

Before I begin the meat of today’s post allow me to apologize for the lack of material on this blog lately. There has been so much going on with me, and I simply have not been motivated to write. In fact, I have debated over whether to write this today or not. I started this post 3 times and trashed it. Hopefully what I’m posting now will be worth your time reading.

Last week I experienced two life changes, both on the same day. February 7 was my 40th birthday. I know it was just another birthday, but turning 40 is a life changing event to me. I’ve officially entered a new decade, and as someone told me I’m now old. 🙂 Of course I don’t consider myself old. I view turning 40 as the beginning of the second half (or more) of my life. I hope my 40th year brings about positive changes in my life.

The second life change I experienced on February 7 was not as positive. That was the day my divorce was finalized. I haven’t talked much about this and still don’t really want to say much. I’ll just say it wasn’t what I planned and am sorry it happened. But, I have accepted the fact that it is over and am moving on. I’ve decided to view this life change in much the same way as turning 40. Instead of facing it with dread and sadness, I’m embracing the change and moving ahead with anticipation of good things to come. I can’t go back and change anything, so all I can do is make the best of the situation and keep on living. When life stops changing, you are dead!

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