A Few Words About Tim Tebow

It seems that nearly everyone has something to say about Tim Tebow. Some of it is very good, while some is not so nice. Facebook and Twitter have exploded with posts about Tebow, especially over the past couple of weeks during the Broncos playoff games. With all the talk I thought I would chime in with a few words.

First let me say that I like Tim Tebow. I admire him for his display of his faith and beliefs, especially in an arena where that is not always welcomed. Plus, he is a tremendous athlete. I even enjoyed watching him play in college, although I am an admitted Gator-hater. Tim Tebow’s athletic ability and enthusiasm for Christ make him very likeable.

However, I think too many people out there have elevated Tebow to an almost God-like status. I’ve read comments and seen social media posts that make him sound immortal. While he is an incredible young man, he is not God! Period. Please don’t make him out to be as such. I don’t think Tebow is the kind of guy who would want people to think that about him anyway. He is simply a young man trying to live his life for Christ the best he can. He is human and makes mistakes, just like the rest of us.

That brings me to my next point. I heard someone on a radio show recently talking about Tim Tebow and what will happen when he messes up. The example given was something like this. What if Tebow has a girl at his house a little too often, or someone finds “dirt” on him that turns out to be true. How will Christians handle that? What??? Come on people! He is no different from you or me. He makes mistakes. So do we. So how do we as Christians respond? We accept the fact that he is human and move on with life. Remember that Romans 3:23 tells us “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God“. That includes me, you and Tim Tebow.

I’ve also heard it said that Tim Tebow should not be praying as he does on the sidelines. Some suggest it goes against the teaching of Jesus when he talks about praying in private as opposed to doing so for all to see. I can see how one might think that, but it all depends on the heart. I think Jesus was referring to those who put on a show so the attention is on them instead of on God. Now, I don’t claim to know Tebow’s heart, but judging from what I have seen and heard from him I think he is trying to bring the attention to God. I may be wrong, but only God knows and I’ll leave it at that.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Tim Tebow. Do you think he is putting on a show or displaying a genuine faith? I welcome your comments.


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