Giving Your Time

I was having a conversation with someone recently about giving to the church. When the subject is mentioned most people think in terms of money. But, what about those who simply do not have the means to give financially? Can they still give? I say yes…with their time.

Often when a message is given on offerings it is focused on money. Many times the church is trying to raise funds for a new building or a specific ministry. However, I think the message can reach deeper than just the wallet or purse. I’ve often heard the word “sacrificial” used with “giving” when these messages are delivered. Sacrificial giving means to give beyond what you think you can…give till it hurts, so the speak. Sure, this could mean money. But, think of your time. Who among us couldn’t use an extra few hours every day? It seems we never have enough time. So, when we give our time in service to God and His Church, we are often sacrificing.

Here is an example of how many Sundays flow for me. I will often arrive at church by 8:00 am to work with a specific ministry. Sometimes it is playing with the orchestra. Other times it might be running lights or video control with the tech teams. I often sacrifice time away from a small group in order to do this work. After church its home for a quick lunch before heading back to Rachel’s praise band rehearsal, where I typically help with sound or media. (I also serve in this capacity on Wednesday nights.) Once a month, immediately following Rachel’s rehearsal, I head into the chapel for Jazz Band rehearsal. Then its back again on Sunday night for orchestra rehearsal.

Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of my list above. I’m not sharing these to boast about everything I do at my church. I’m using this as an example of how I (or anyone else) can sacrificially give their time and talents. I’m not in a position now to give financially, so I give in other ways. You can too! Not everyone is called to play in the orchestra, or teach, or work with a tech team. But, each of us has talents we can use to serve God. I think we are called to do just that.

What is your view of giving time as opposed to money?

One thought on “Giving Your Time

  1. Ok. I had a long drawn out response to this (agreeing with you), but after reading it over, it came across too negative. So, I’ll just say “amen” to what you have already said and leave it at that. 🙂

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