My kids enjoy playing games when we travel by car. We typically have played the Alphabet Game or the License Plate Game. But, a few years ago a former co-worker introduced us to the game “Tweety“, and that has now become a favorite.

Here is the basic concept. Everyone participating looks for yellow cars (which includes trucks, motorcycles, buses…anything motorized that goes on the roads), and tries to be the first to say “tweety”. That person then gets a point. The one with the most points wins the game. The name comes from the classic cartoon character Tweety Bird. It is a lot of fun and can become addictive. We have played it on road trips, but my kids (especially Elise) like to play anytime we are in the car. In fact, we are currently in the middle of a game. The first person to 100 wins. As a side note, I think she is 1 ahead of me at this point.

My kids have so much fun playing the game, and it is a good way to bond with them in the car. We are doing something together that is fun. It is a great way to make everyday drives more enjoyable. Give it a try!

Do you have a favorite road trip game you play with your kids?

Do you also play that game when driving around town?

One thought on “Tweety!

  1. I love that you do that with your kids. Interactive dads are the best. We took a road trip from Akron, Ohio to Anaheim, California when I was a kid — all 5 of us in our station wagon. We camped at KOA campground the entire way. Despite our a/c going out in Arizona, it was a good memory that I hold on today. My dad would play these road games with us — he’d whistle a tune and we had to guess what song it was. We’d get to laughing so hard we couldn’t whistle! 🙂

    You are building precious memories for years to come! Keep up the good work!!

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