High School Band Memories

My oldest daughter, Rachel, is entering 8th grade this year. Although she is still in middle school, as an 8th grade band student, she gets to participate in marching band with the high school. I think that is great! I remember my high school days, and they wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without my band experiences.

She started band camp this week, and I’ve recovered memories (long stored in the back of my mind) of my days in band camp. As I told her, I remember the hard work in the August heat. Sure, it was tough. But, it was always worth it in the end. Most of my fondest memories from high school are linked to the band. I recall the fun of traveling to away football games and competitions. I went to Disney World twice – once as a Freshman and again as a Senior – with the band. Thinking back on those days has me looking forward to Friday nights this fall. 🙂

I’m very happy Rachel wanted to be a “band geek”, as we were often called. I know how fulfilling it was for me, and I’m positive it will be the same for her. She has already talked about how nice everyone is to her and her friends. I looked at her and simply said, “Band is a family”. And, I really believe that is the case. She will, as I did, make many close friends during her time in band. Many of those people will be lifelong friends who she treats as family. I speak from experience.

I look forward to everything Rachel will experience this fall – from football games to parades to competitions. I have such great memories of those days, and I know she will, too. I’m excited for her and can’t wait to hear the band perform for the first time (which will happen this Friday). Now I get to make new high school band memories watching Rachel enjoy her time with her new band family.

Were you a “band geek”?

What are your favorite memories from high school band?


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