A Poll About Your Bible

I was sitting in the media booth at church today, which overlooks the congregation, and noticed something. During the time when Scripture was being read several people had their phones out. I don’t believe these people were texting. It seems more and more people are choosing a Bible app instead of a traditional print Bible. I’m no exception. When I do my daily Bible reading I always use my YouVersion Bible app. However, in church I still read from a traditional print copy. My observations today prompted this little poll. I would love your participation.

2 thoughts on “A Poll About Your Bible

  1. On the subject of using a phone during a church service, I’ve seen it far too often. The ones I have witnessed are texting, as one can tell with their facial expressions, laughter and so on, as they type their response or receive their response. I’ve seen this even during prayer.

    I find is very offensive — and extremely disrespectful. We’re in God’s house. Let’s show some respect for his Word and for prayer….

    It reminds me of a recent bible study I participated in by Beth Moore… “If the enemy cannot tempt with destruction, he will tempt with distraction.” Isn’t that what we’re seeing with this scenario?

    I think this needs to be addressed from the pulpit. What do you think?

  2. I can definitely see where using a cell phone during the service can be disrespectful, especially if someone is texting or reading e-mails. However, I also see their usefulness. For example, many people in my church tweet highlights of the sermon. This is helpful for many who serve in other areas of the church and rarely get to sit in and listen to the sermon. I know our pastor appreciates those who tweet his message. But, at the same time, you do have a valid point about the distraction. If we are allowing the cell phone to get in the way of God, then it needs to be put away.

    Thanks for the comment!

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