Holy Week: Preparing for Easter

Today is Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. Churches all across the world will be observing the events of Holy Week in preparation for Easter Sunday. As I began to think about this week and its significance to the Christian faith (my faith), I asked myself what I will ask you: How will you prepare for Easter?

One way I’ll prepare is in the Word. I am in the midst of a Bible reading plan called The Essential Jesus. This is a selection of 100 passages to help better understand who Jesus was, why He lived, and the meaning behind His death, burial and resurrection. (This reading plan, along with many others, is available on YouVersion if you would like to check it out.) I will wrap up the plan this week as Easter arrives. In addition to this plan I will be reading passages each day of Holy Week that correspond with the events that occurred that day.

Another way I plan to prepare for Easter is in prayer. I ask that God will clear my mind of anything that would get in the way of seeing Him and His glory this week. I want my focus during the holiest week of the year (for a Christ follower) to be on Him and Him alone. There are many things going on in my life that threaten to take that focus away, but my prayer is that they won’t. Just as the old hymn suggests, may I turn my eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face.

Finally, I plan to prepare for Easter by serving Him. This Friday, which is Good Friday, I will be traveling with my daughter and the 5th graders from our church to the Creation Museum. We will spend our Saturday there learning truths about God’s creation and the significance of Jesus Christ. Then, on Easter Sunday morning, I’ll join the ClearView orchestra is leading worship in two services in our chapel. It is my way of serving Him with my time and talents.

I look forward to Holy Week with great anticipation. My prayer is that God will reveal Himself to me this week in a way He never has before. My hope is that I’ll be focused solely on Him and His will as I prepare for the great celebration of the resurrected Christ on Easter Sunday.

How will you prepare for Easter?

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