Walk in the Word

Today my oldest daughter, Rachel, and I had a chance to do something very cool. The student ministry at our church (ClearView) was asked by Dr. James MacDonald to participate in a “flash mob” to promote his Walk in the Word ministry. We took about 120 people, consisting of middle & high school students and adults, to the Opryland Hotel where we walked a specific route and stopped at strategic locations to recite a military-style chant.

I don’t know, but I’ve been told

In the Word’s the way to go

Not to the left, not to the right

Straight and narrow, in my sight

Walk in

The Word

Walk in the Word, walk in…THE WORD!

At that point we all held our Bibles in the air and froze for 10-15 seconds before proceeding to the next place to repeat the process.

Many people in the hotel stopped to listen to us. Several snapped photos of the group or captured video. We had many stares and strange looks, but most people seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing. I even noticed a couple of folks following us to video in more than one spot. It was an awesome experience as we shared the importance of walking in God’s Word.

Below is a video of the chant we performed, courtesy of Kevin Gabhart. I would like to thank Dr. James MacDonald and our pastor, Mark Marshall, for extending the invitation to us to be a part of this great event!

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