A Personal Thank You

As the title suggests, today’s post is a personal word of thanks. But first, let me share the story that led up to the thank you.

My readers know that I have not worked full-time since August. Of course, as you can imagine, money has been tight. We had already explained to our girls that Christmas this year was going to be a little lean. They are old enough to understand what we are going through and had accepted the facts. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago. I received a Twitter direct message from a staff member at our church asking me to call him. My first thought was that he wanted me to help out with something on Sunday morning or Wednesday night. However, when I called him I discovered something totally different. He proceeded to tell me that a family in our church wanted to show us some love and help provide Christmas gifts for our girls. I honestly was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy when he told me this. I actually thought I was going to cry! What a blessing to our family!

The news came on a day when we had already been blessed by a gift from some other friends. It is said that when times are tough you find out who your friends are. That statement is so true.

Now we jump ahead to this past week when the same church staff member called me and told me he had a bag of gifts for me to pick up. When I picked up the package and discovered everything that was given to my family I was again overwhelmed. Because of the gift and the love from a family at church, our girls will have more joyous Christmas morning.

With all that said I now want to say “THANK YOU”! I really hope the people responsible for this generous act of kindness read this blog. While I don’t know who you are, God does. I believe He rewards people like you for your generosity. I pray special blessings on your family and thank you with all my heart for what you have done for my family. I have said many time that I love my church, and this is just one reason why. We are truly a family…all of us. Jacinda and I are so very, very thankful for your love and generosity. You have blessed us in a special way this Christmas. May God bless you! Thank you so very much!!

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