Black Friday: Behind the Register

For the past several years Jacinda and I have done much of our Christmas shopping on Black Friday. I’ve experienced the early morning shopping hustle and bustle from the consumer side. This year we didn’t shop. Instead I experienced Black Friday from behind the register.

Many of you know I am working a seasonal part-time job at Target. My normal job there is restocking shelves, but today I was a cashier. I had to be in at 3:45 am – the store opened at 4:00 am. I remember working Black Friday while I was in college, but this is the first time I’ve worked retail in years. It was busy at first, but I think crowds were lighter than usual this year. I was surprised at just how calm it was today. I spent 8 hours running a register this morning and had a chance to interact with lots of people. Most who had been out shopping other places said many stores were not very crowded. I guess the down economy kept lots of people at home.

I really wasn’t looking forward to working today. Retail sales is not my cup of tea, and it is especially not appealing on Black Friday. But, I must confess, it was not as bad as I expected, and I had fun. I work with some good people, and we all did our best to make the day fun and enjoyable. Management even had lunch catered by Famous Dave’s. If I had my choice I would opt for being a shopper instead of a worker on Black Friday, but I survived and would do it again. Of course getting up that early is for the birds! 🙂

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