God’s Path For Me: Days 4 and 5 – People Along the Path

I started to type this post yesterday (day 4) but trashed it. I just wasn’t happy with what I was trying to say. Today I figured out why.

Let me start by saying that I’ve had some doubts over the past couple of days. Things have not progressed in the job search as I had hoped they would. Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t expect to find a new job this quickly, but I had hoped to at least have an interview or two lined up. I was questioning my decision yesterday, wondering if I really made the right choice by quitting my job without another one. Fortunately those doubts were short-lived thanks to some people God placed along my path.

Over the past two days I have had communication with several people via telephone, e-mail and social networks. Everyone I had the chance to talk with gave me words of encouragement or said something I needed to hear. One friend who works for another trucking company doing something very similar to what I did reminded me exactly why I needed to get out of that industry. Another encouraged me by reassuring me that God has a plan for me and will lead me down this path. I’ve seen friends share Scripture that has helped me see how God is at work in my life. This evening I received a phone call from someone I worked with. He told me about some events at work over the past week. After talking with him I knew, without a doubt, that I had indeed made the right decision. Each person I spoke with, e-mailed, or connected with via social networking was, in my opinion, placed along my path by God at just the right time. They may not have known what I needed to hear, but He did, and He gave them a word just for me.

So, no more doubts. I knew when I submitted my notice that it was the right decision. I knew when my last day of work came that it was the right decision. And, I know tonight that it was the right decision. I trust God and His plan, although I don’t know what that plan in yet. I know He will continue to lead me down the path He has chosen. I just need to get out of His way and let Him lead.

Once again I’m asking my readers for something…prayer. Will you pray for me in the following ways?

  • No doubts – Pray I will rid my mind of all doubts about this decision.
  • Patience as I wait for His timing, not mine.
  • Wisdom to listen for and hear that still, small voice.
  • Faith to continue this walk doe God’s path for me.

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