Simple Things

Do you ever just sit back and think about all the simple things in your life and how great they are? It occurred to me tonight as Elise and I were lying in my bed watching Gilligan’s Island that the simple things in life are the best. It is during those times that I am most relaxed and happy.

It seems lately that I long for the simple things more than anything else. I guess that’s because everything else in life is just far too complicated. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures…watching old TV shows with my girls…listening to music…relaxing with the family at the pool…walking around downtown Franklin, TN. These are just a few of the simple pleasures in my life.

I don’t always take the time I should to enjoy the simple things. Life calls and keeps me stressed and busy. I’ll often give up the simple pleasures to fulfill an obligation. How unfortunate! I’m missing out on so much when I miss doing the simple things. I hope that can change soon. I really need to spend less time on the stressful, busy obligations of life and more (much, much more) enjoying the simple things.

How about you?

One thought on “Simple Things

  1. Man, this is the truth. As a society, we are so busy that we don’t take time to enjoy or even notice the simple things. Thanks for this post. Hopefully it will push me toward enjoying some of life’s simple things.

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