Happy Birthday Elise!

I can’t believe my little girl turns 10 today! Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday she was starting school, and now she’s headed into 5th grade. My how time flies!

Much has changed over the past 10 years, and it has been so much fun watching Elise grow and mature. I am truly blessed to be her dad! Elise always keeps me laughing and is a delight. Sure, we have our challenges, but she’s a really good kid who loves to have fun. I look forward to seeing her grow more mature over the next several years and to see what she will do with her life. I think she might either become an actress or a lawyer. 🙂

Elise, I love you and am proud of you. I hope today is a great, great day for you. Turning 10 is a big deal, so make the most of it and enjoy your special day. I pray that as you continue to grow and mature you will learn to depend on God more and more, and you will devote yourself to following Jesus Christ with all your heart.


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