Praise for Middle Tennessee Citizens

I love Nashville & middle Tennessee! Although I was born and raised in Knoxville, I now call Franklin, TN home. Of all the places I’ve lived or traveled none is better than right here in middle Tennessee. It is such a great place to live and raise a family. Why? One reason is the people. You’ll find some of the most friendly and helpful folks in the country right here in Nashville and middle Tennessee, which leads me to today’s post.

In case you haven’t heard (since the national media has almost completely ignored it) there was major flooding in middle Tennessee last weekend. Record rainfall caused the Cumberland River, Harpeth River, and many others to overflow, spilling raging waters into streets, neighborhoods, and downtown Nashville. Many homes and businesses were destroyed, and 20 people in Tennessee were killed. So many areas in middle Tennessee were under water as the flooding took lots by surprise.

In the wake of so much devastation the entire Nashville metro community stepped up to the plate. Instead of sitting around and waiting for someone (like the federal government) to step in and offer help, our great city did what Tennessee is known for…we volunteered! The great citizens of middle Tennessee rolled up their sleeves and helped their neighbors (and strangers). This entire area stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park! I have never been more proud to call middle Tennessee home!

Here is just a bit of what I have seen happening over the past 5 days. I know there is so much more that is being done, but these just highlight some of the major things that our great folks are doing.

  • Volunteers ~~ Middle Tennessee residents proved that we are truly the “Volunteer state”. I heard Monday that more than 700 people had volunteered with Hands On Nashville, a community service organization. Several area churches, including mine, ClearView, had folks volunteering to help provide clean-up assistance, temporary housing, food, water, clothing, etc.
  • Clear Channel Nashville Radio-thon ~~ The five Nashville radio stations operated by Clear Channel came together Tuesday for a radio-thon to raise money for the flood relief efforts. Local radio personalities were on the air together all day and raised almost $250,000.
  • Flood Relief with Vince Gill & Friends ~~ Last night WSMV – Channel 4 here in Nashville aired a flood relief telethon. Vince Gill organized the event which featured several very good performances from some big-name country and Christian music stars. When not performing or being interviewed many of these folks manned telephones. Lots of folks stepped up and made some pretty significant donations, including Taylor Swift who shelled out $500,000 for the cause. The telethon raised more than $1.7 million!

There are lots more things going on all over the metro area. Communities are joining volunteers together to help clean up public parks damaged by the floods. Churches continue to provide shelter, food, water and clothing to those in need. There is a great article today on The Christian Post’s website about middle Tennessee’s volunteer effort. I invite you to read it here.

There is a popular hash tag on Twitter right now for those supporting the flood relief efforts in middle Tennessee… #WeAreNashville. So many have done their part to help their friends, family and neighbors over the past 5 days. The national media is finally starting to pay attention. Anderson Cooper on CNN covered the situation last night. I didn’t see any of his show, but I’m told he commented on the outstanding job the people of Nashville and the local government has done to coordinate the clean-up and recovery. I must say that is so true, and I think that is why we haven’t seen much national media coverage. Too often they look for the negative stories to report, and they simply aren’t finding that here. I have heard no stories of looting, price gouging, or people moaning and complaining about their situation. Instead, I’m hearing how people are coming together. Instead of waiting for the federal government to send help we are pulling ourselves up and doing it ourselves! WE ARE NASHVILLE!!!

If you would like to check out some incredible pictures of the floods, and read stories covering the situation, check out The Tennessean’s coverage via their website by clicking the following link.

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