The Map by David Murrow…A BookSneeze Book Review

A map hidden in the gospel of Matthew??? That’s right! And it is the key to unlocking the great spiritual potential in every man.

David Murrow’s book, The Map, begins as a tale of adventure, deception, and peril. At first you may think the story is a little hard to believe, but keep reading and you will soon discover where to find the map in the Bible, what it looks like, and how to read it and follow three spiritual journeys up the mountain of faith.

In part 1, Murrow sets the stage with an epic tale of adventure. His style quickly pulls the reader into the story and keeps you wanting more. Then he transitions into part 2 where the map is revealed. Here you learn about three distinct spiritual journeys every man will take: submission, strength and sacrifice.

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I began reading the book. I mean, come on…a map hidden in the Bible? Really??? But, the more I read the more engrossed I became. Murrow does a wonderful job detailing the map and the journeys men must take. The Map is a very well written book and is a must read for every man. I highly recommend guys pick up a copy.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and BookSneeze for sending me my free copy of this book. To learn more check out BookSneeze for yourself.

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