2010 Nashville Flood

It started raining Saturday morning in Nashville and middle Tennessee and has not let up. The result is the worst flooding we have seen in years. Many areas in middle Tennessee have recorded over 12 inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours. I have not seen the official totals, but I know from reading various blogs, tweets and facebook posts that some areas have received as much as 15 inches. Here in Franklin, where I live, I’ve seen reports of anywhere from 11 to 13 inches. The amount really doesn’t matter…it’s simply too much.

Elise and I ventured out this afternoon to try to get some pictures around Franklin. Many roads are still closed, so we could not access some of the hardest hit areas. Below are a few of the pics we captured. I’ll have these and a few more posted on facebook as well.

Lewisburg Pike at Donelson Creek in Franklin
Moore Elementary playground in Franklin
Golf course at Forest Crossing
Harpeth River at Mack Hatcher and Lewisburg Pike
Hwy. 96 near downtown FranklinPinkerton Park near downtown Franklin
Pinkerton Park near downtown Franklin
Another shot of Pinkerton Park

2 thoughts on “2010 Nashville Flood

  1. we lost our house on the river…this is devastating to so many people…very sad…thanks for the pictures.

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