The Circle Series: My Review

Last night I finished reading Green by Ted Dekker, thus completing the Circle series. What follows is my brief review of all four books.

First, let me tell you a little about the Circle series. It consists of four books:

Black was written first and is Book One. However, Green, Book Zero, can also be read first, as it both begins and ends the series. (This makes sense once you have read all four books.) After reading the entire series I recommend starting with Black, then Red, White and Green. I think the reader will find it less confusing that way. Whether you start or end with Green I think you’ll really enjoy reading these books.

The books follow the story of Thomas Hunter. He is thrust into two worlds ~~ one a reality and the other a dream. The fate of both worlds hangs in the balance of the decisions Thomas Hunter will make. These books are packed with intense drama from beginning to end. Ted Dekker’s style really draws the reader into the story and keeps you hungry for more. Once you start reading the books you’ll find them difficult to put down.

Although the series is a work of fiction you can find underlying truths throughout. Dekker masterfully creates images of what good and evil must look like. This becomes especially clear in Green. I was rather shocked by some of the imagery used, especially to depict evil, but looking back it is easy to see what the author was trying to convey. I think if we could see evil incarnate it would look a lot like what is described in these books.

I don’t want to give away much of the plot, so that’s all I’ll say about the story line. I’ll sum up by saying if you enjoy an adrenaline-packed epic between good and evil, then this series if for you. The story is easy to follow, and the characters almost seem real. Ted Dekker is a masterful story-teller who keeps you on the edge of your seat. Should you decide to read this series you won’t be disappointed.

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