My Medical Mystery?

This has been quite an interesting week for me. It all started Sunday afternoon when I started feeling bad. I had some discomfort in my stomach that felt like gas pains. I didn’t think much of it and attributed it to something I had eaten. Monday and Tuesday I had the same problem. Tuesday night I was unable to finish dinner because of this discomfort. Around 1:30 am Wednesday morning I awoke with horrible abdominal pain (in the upper abdomen). That’s where the mystery begins.

The pain I was experiencing Wednesday morning was so intense I decided I needed to see the doctor. Her initial diagnosis was gall stones, or something with the gallbladder, or pleurisy. I was sent for an ultrasound, which showed everything was normal. So, I was back to square one.

Wednesday night I was still in lots of pain, so I took some Percocet to help get me through the night. By Thursday the pain was still there. After talking to the doctor again I went back to see her to have some blood work and other tests. She also did an EKG since heart disease is common in my family. She did not think this problem had anything to do with my heart, but the EKG showed a mild abnormality, so she decided to have me see a cardiologist. The cardiologist had me do a stress test. I thought it was unnecessary, but in hindsight I’m glad it was done. At least now I know my heart is healthy. Part of the test involved an ultrasound of my heart. It was pretty cool seeing my beating heart. All of the tests done Thursday (cardiac, blood, etc.) all came back normal, so again I was back to square one.

I was feeling a little better Friday and returned to work. The pain throughout the day Friday was not as bad, but it got worse during the night, and I needed Percocet again. By this morning I had very little pain and have been pain-free most of the day. The pain seems to get worse at night, and I’m in a little pain as I type, but it is not nearly as severe as before. I hoping I’m over whatever it was.

So, is this a medical mystery? I’m not sure. I still don’t know what has caused this pain, but I can tell you what has been ruled out.

  • gall stones / gallbladder
  • pancreas
  • liver
  • heart

Maybe someone reading this can tell me what you think it is. Please feel free to chime in and post a comment with your diagnosis. My guess is pleurisy. Here is the list of symptoms.

  • severe upper abdominal pain
  • increased pain when taking deep breaths
  • shortness of breath

I look forward to reading your diagnoses to my medical mystery.


One thought on “My Medical Mystery?

  1. these are the same symtom’s i had too cuzz! i thought it was gas at first because that’s what it felt like. like you said, at night the symtom gets worse or got worse. i tell you what, i don’t know what it was or is but it was painful. i also thought it was my acid reflux acting up but no relief there either. if you find out what it is please let me know! hope you get to feeling better cuzz!

    love to you all and god bless.

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