Some Reasons I Love Costco

I love Costco! It is my absolute favorite place to shop. I have been a member at Costco for several years and just love everything about it. Why is that?What makes Costco so great that I would want to write a blog post about it? Good question. I have several reasons (too many to list) and will share some of them with you. So, here’s my short list of reasons I love Costco.

  • Selection. Costco has a wide variety of products and an amazing selection. You can find everything from meats and vegetables to books and furniture. And the selection is always changing so you can find new items all the time.
  • Prices. Most things at Costco are priced right. Much of what you can buy at Costco is a bit less expensive than at most other retailers. We got a great deal there on our bamboo flooring we just put in. While most places sell it for about $3-$3.50 per sq. foot, we got it from Costco for $1.50 per sq. foot. You almost always find great deals there.
  • Return Policy. Costco makes returning products easy and hassle free. I have never had an problems returning something to the store. In fact I had a recent experience that makes me love Costco even more. We needed to return an item that they no longer carry. I called and asked about returning it and even mentioned on the phone that I knew it was an older item. The answer I received was, “bring it on back”. Now that’s what I call great customer service.
  • Customer Service. The overall customer service at Costco is amazing. Whenever I have needed help with anything, at any Costco I have visited, the employees have been more than willing to assist. Our local store here has an outstanding staff!
  • Food Court. You can’t go wrong with Costco’s food court. Where else can you get a huge hot dog or Polish sausage with a drink for $1.50? They also have generous slices of their pizza (very good) for $2. A family of 4 can have a tasty and filling lunch for less than $10.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I love Costco!!!

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