The New Floors Are Done!

Well, after about 3 weeks our new floors downstairs are finally installed! We are thrilled, and they look great! The process took longer than expected due to several delays from other jobs the installer was working on, but it was well worth the wait. I made the comment earlier today that it looks like a completely different house downstairs. I love it!

The flooring we had installed is bamboo. When we first looked at it we were concerned that the color would be too light. After seeing the finished project I no longer feel that way. I think we made a good choice. I have included a few pics for all to see. I’m so glad this is done!

I would like your comments to see what you think about the new floors. Thanks to everyone who has read and followed this project.

3 thoughts on “The New Floors Are Done!

  1. The new floors look great! We put hardwood floor throughout our downstairs (except bedrooms) a few years ago. Both of us think it’s the best decision we could’ve made. When we move we will definitely buy a house with hardwood floors, or have them put in.

  2. Love your new floors…we did the same thing. Pulled up the old carpet and installed new bamboo flooring. Have you found a good way to clean it? I’m still trying to figure out what works best.

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