Why I Don’t Like Attending Live Sporting Events

Last night Elise and I attended the Nashville Predators hockey game. Jacinda won two tickets (very good seats, I might add) and decided to let me take Elise. We had a great time, and the Preds won! I really love going to live sporting events…always have. Whether it is football, basketball, hockey, baseball…whatever…there is just something about being there in that atmosphere that makes it special. I would attend more games (Preds and others) if I could.

Although I do love being at the games I have some reasons I don’t like attending live sporting events. These are the things I wish would change to make the experience more enjoyable. I will say the list of reasons I don’t like going is much shorter than the list I could give for why I do like being there. Unfortunately these things I don’t like tend to keep me from attending more events. So, here it is…my short list of reason I don’t like attending live sporting events.

  • Cost ~~ I have no problem with the cost of the tickets. Where I’m turned off is with the cost of everything else. I think the prices of concessions at most arenas should be considered price gouging. It is these costs that really makes it difficult for a family of 4 to attend many events. I understand the want to make a profit, but $5 for a soda and $4 for a bottle of water (same bottle $1 at gas stations) is outrageous! Last year when just Rachel & I went to a Titans game we spent $25 for our lunch, which consisted of 2 sandwiches and 2 sodas. If the family (4 people) goes to a game you have easily dropped $150-$200 when you factor in ticket cost. That’s tough for a family, especially in this economy.
  • Parking ~~ Parking in downtown Nashville is not as bad as in some cities. Unfortunately that has changed a little since the city has started preparing for the construction of the new convention center. I discovered last night that the huge parking lot I have used for years was now one big construction site. I was still able to find a spot not much farther away, but in a much smaller lot. We paid $10 to park, which is what I usually pay. However, I passed by a few lots where parking was $10 and the signs last night read $15. So, spaces are reduced and prices increase.
  • Obnoxious / Rude / Obscene Fans ~~ This reason is the biggest one that makes me not like attending live sporting events. I don’t want to pay for a ticket and then have to sit in the stands listing to some fan constantly yell profanities at the refs and/or players. I especially don’t want to hear that when my kids are with me! Elise and I experienced that last night. A couple sitting across the aisle from us were doing just that. Late in the game one of the refs missed a call. Everyone in the arena knew it was missed and it resulted in a goal for the other team. That is when this couple began shouting, along with many others in the arena, “ref you suck”. I told Elise we weren’t going to say that, but I was not offended by that. Then this couple started dropping the f-bomb every other sentence (did I mention they were screaming these things down to the ref ) and that’s when I couldn’t take it any longer. Elise and I left, and I made sure they knew how I felt about their language in front of my child. Of course when I said something they gave me a look like I had done something wrong. The way I see it is this. If you want to yell profanities at the refs or players then stay home and do it in front of your TV. At the very least be aware when children are seated nearby and bite your tongue!

So, there you have it. As I said before, the list of reasons I love going to the games would be much longer, and I know I’ll continue to go when I can. I simply wish the things I have listed here could be changed so I (and others) could enjoy the games so much more.

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