Using Our Talents to Worship

I was sitting in the middle school worship center (The Station) at our church (ClearView) Sunday afternoon when I began thinking about this blog post. You see, I was there listening to the 6th grade praise band rehearse. My oldest daughter, Rachel, plays piano and keyboards in that band. I am so impressed by the talent of these young kids. It is amazing to hear them play and sing, both in rehearsal and on Wednesday nights during middle school worship. These kids are using their talents to lead worship and to worship.

Later Sunday evening I was back at church for orchestra rehearsal. Once again this thought came to mind. Here we are, a bunch of amateur musicians, doing something we love and using our talents to worship. We have an opportunity to play about once a month, and it truly is a time of worship for us. I have experienced some of my most meaningful moments of worship during services in which I was playing in the orchestra.

Our church is blessed with lots of very talented people, from musicians to dancers to actors. Week after week we see so many of these folks using those talents to help lead worship and to worship the Lord. I love watching these people up on the stage genuinely worshiping through music. I’ll often catch myself focusing on a musician as they play simply because they are really getting into the music and giving their all for God.

So, how about you? I’m sure many reading this might be thinking to themselves I have no musical ability. What can I do? Ah, but this goes beyond music. Are you using the talents God blessed you with to worship him? No matter what our talents are, we should strive to use them in a positive way and worship Him as we do. So whether you can sing, play an instrument, cook, teach…whatever…do it for the glory of God and worship Him.

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