Home Improvement: Days 4-6

Today marks day 6 of our home improvement project. Jacinda and her dad did a bit of work Monday (day 4) and got the majority of the wood in the kitchen ripped up. I worked on it some Monday night after work and finished the rest of the breakfast area. Yesterday was a day off since most of the work is now done and the installation doesn’t begin until Monday. As of today we only have the following flooring left to remove:

  • carpet under our sectional sofa ~~ I’ll get that pulled up this weekend
  • wood in the bathroom ~~ I’ll also pull that up this weekend
  • wood under the stove and refrigerator ~~ We plan to have the installer remove that flooring

So, with the exception of these three areas we are done with the removal of the old flooring. We’ll get most of that finished this weekend and be ready for the installation to begin Monday. I know I speak for Jacinda and the girls when I say we can’t wait for everything to be done!

I’ll close the book on the demolition with a few more pics showing the work we have done. Next week I’ll start posting pics of the new floors!

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