Another Upward Season

I can’t believe another season of Upward basketball is over. Wow, that was fast! It seems like we just got started and now here we are at the end of it. We played the final game this past Saturday, and the season was capped off tonight with the annual Celebration Night. I face the end of this season with mixed emotions.

First let me say that I have enjoyed coaching this year so very much! We had a great group of girls on the team, and I consider coaching them an honor and a privilege. There was a lot of talent on our team and everyone played with a lot on intensity all season. The players have come a long way since the first game, and I’m very proud of them all.

With the end of the season I’m faced with a couple of conflicting emotions. I’ll be glad I don’t have to leave the office early every Tuesday to make the 5:00 PM practice time, and it will be nice to have some free time on Saturdays. However, I’m sad to see all that come to an end as well. I’ll miss seeing the girls at the Tuesday practice and leading them in the devotions each week. I’m also going to miss seeing their smiling faces and the excitement of the game each Saturday. To be honest I would prefer the season last another month, but I digress.

So, I’ve said goodbye to my players (some for the last time) and the season is over. Now I look forward to a new opportunity to coach again next year. This time I’m considering taking on the head coach spot ~~ we shall see. Next year I plan to once again coach 5th & 6th grade girls as Elise moves into 5th grade. It will be my first opportunity to coach Elise, and both she and I are looking forward to it. So, here’s to a great season of Upward basketball this year and anticipation of another one next year.

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