Home Improvement: Day 3

Well, today marked day 3 of our floor remodel project. We are still in the process of ripping up the old floors. Whoever decided it was a good idea to glue hardwood to a OSB subfloor should be lathered in the glue and doused with feathers! Pulling the old wood floors up has by far been the most difficult and frustrating part of the process thus far.

Even though we got a late start after church (and didn’t have much time due to afternoon and evening commitments) we still managed to get a good bit accomplished. My goal was to finish removing all the wood from the foyer. This is what it looked like when I stopped last night.

I’m happy to say this is how it looks tonight.

As you can see I did accomplish that goal. We also managed to get a portion of the kitchen floor pulled up. We are left now with about half the kitchen, the bathroom and a little carpet under the sectional sofa. Hopefully we can knock that out within the next day or so. Unfortunately I’ll be headed back to the office tomorrow and will have limited time to work on it. We do have a little more time than originally expected to get the old out. As with most projects, or so it seems, there is a delay in getting started with the installation due to another project taking longer than expected. Now, the installers are scheduled to begin next Monday as opposed to this Wednesday as planned. Hopefully we won’t have any additional delays. We’re ready to have the mess gone and enjoy the new floors.

Here are a few more pics from today’s work. More updates coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Day 3

  1. Nice work so far MIke. Just did a similar project here but only had to remove carpet and self-stick parquet (thank the Lord it was self-stick). I thought I’ve caught all your posts, yet, I have no idea what you’re having put in place of all your demo. So, what’s the magic material that will enhance this project?

    1. Thanks for the comment. We are putting in bamboo. Check out the first post on this project. I included a pic of the new flooring near the end of the post.

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