Why I Tweet Scripture

Those who know and follow me know I use Twitter daily. My Twitter updates automatically post to my Facebook profile as well. It is not unusual for me to tweet a verse of Scripture. I use the YouVersion Bible application for Blackberry which gives me an option of tweeting any verse I am reading. I’ll often be reading along and just feel led to share a verse. I’ll also post some of my favorite verses from time to time. So, why do I tweet Scripture?

I really have two main reasons for sharing Scripture verses via Twitter and Facebook. The first was the original reason I started doing it. The second is the result of the first.

  1. To share my faith. Jesus gave all Christ followers the Great Commission ~~ to tell the world about Him. I think that includes online. By sharing Scripture verses with my friends who follow my social network sites and this blog I am sharing my faith with them. Who knows, maybe someone who does not have a relationship with Christ will read a verse online and want to read more. It’s not much, but perhaps the seed is being planted.
  2. Comments from my friends. I’ll admit this sounds a little pretentious, but let me explain. Many times I’ll post a verse and someone will comment. I’ve received comments telling me that the verses are appreciated and I’m so good to do that. But, those comments are not the ones that keep me posting more Scripture. Instead, it is the comments like this one…”Needed this today! Thank you!”. It seems like I will often get something like that when I quote Scripture. Whenever I read comments from someone telling me they really needed to hear that verse, or they had just read that same verse, or they felt like the verse was an answer to their prayer I can’t help but want to post more.

So there you have it. My short list of reason why I tweet Scripture. I know God is at work everyday, even online on social networking sites. I’ll keep posting verses to share my faith in Jesus Christ and to hopefully spread the Word to all who need to hear it. Who knows, maybe someone’s day will be brighter simply because I made the choice to tweet!


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