Proud Father & Coach

For the second consecutive year I am the assistant coach for Rachel’s Upward basketball team. Yesterday we played our third, and best, game of the season. The team played a great game, and I was very proud of them. As a coach you always want everyone on the team to try their best, play their hardest, and come out on top. I can say that is exactly what happened yesterday. The girls fought hard, played tough, and got their first win of the season. I can’t say enough about how well they all played.

As a father, you always want your own child to shine when they are playing sports, or an instrument, or whatever they are doing. I am proud of Rachel for the way she played yesterday. We have spent lots of time in practice talking about and working on rebounding. I typically coach the defense during games and really stress the importance of good rebounding. I’m sure Rachel might be a little tired of hearing me talk about it, but I think it has sunk in. We don’t keep stats on rebounds, but I would guess Rachel was in double digits Saturday. She was going after the ball both on offense and defense. Not only that, she did a great job driving to the basket and putting up shots. She went to the line for the first time after being fouled. Although she missed both free throws, both hit the rim and the second was very close to going in. Not too shabby for her first trip to the line. She ended the game with 6 points, including the final basket of the game at the buzzer. As a father I was, and am, very proud of her!

After each game in Upward basketball we present colored stars to the players. There are 5 stars…Red (defense), Gray (offense), Blue (effort), Gold (sportsmanship) and White (Christ-likeness). Rachel was presented a Gray star this week for offense. As I told her, I could have given her both Gray and Red because she played so well on both sides. Everyone on the team could have received the Blue star for effort. Every girl played hard and was worn out by the end of the game.

I am very proud of our team for the way the played this week. It makes me happy, as a coach, to see everyone working together and playing hard. I hope this performance motivates the girls to stay focused and continue to play hard for the remainder of the season. Great job Liberty!


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