Emergency Surgery and Good Friends

Last Friday was an interesting day to say the least. It began as any other day as I headed to the office. Little did I know I would end up spending the day at the hospital. Let me start from the beginning and tell the whole story.

Jacinda awoke that morning not feeling well. OK, technically she had been up since about 1:30 that morning not feeling well. She was having stomach pains and was nauseous. She was just miserable enough to go to the walk-in clinic. They checked her out and thought it might be her appendix. They sent her to Cool Springs Imaging for a CT scan. Fortunately, as we would discover, their machine was down and they could not do the scan. Jacinda was in such pain she opted to go straight to the ER from there. That turned out to be a good decision. The CT scan confirmed appendicitis, and Jacinda was prepped for surgery. Within an hour of the test results she was in the OR having her appendix removed. I can honestly say that neither of us expected anything that happened that day.

While all of this was happening I was keeping everyone updated via twitter and facebook. Every time I would get some new information I would post a quick tweet, which in turn updated my facebook page. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of comments and tweets from my good friends. My poor Blackberry battery almost died because my phone would not stop buzzing. It is so comforting knowing we had so many friends and acquaintances praying for Jacinda, me and the girls. I was also so grateful for all of the offers to help. Many of our neighbors and church family offered their help with the girls, our pets, or whatever else we might need. We are still reaping the benefits of our friends’ generosity as they are providing dinners for us this week. We appreciate that so much! There is a country song that says, “You find out who your friends are”, and that is so true when times of need arise. We are truly blessed with some pretty great friends, and I thank you all!

I personally want to extend a big thank you to Cynthia for picking up the girls, taking them to lunch, and allowing Elise to hang out with you all day. You were a bigger help to me than you can know. Thank you!!!

Jacinda’s surgery went well, and there were no complications. She stayed in the hospital overnight and was back at home Saturday afternoon. She is recovering nicely, but is still sore. The doctor told her to just take it easy for 4-5 days. The worst part for Jacinda is staying inactive, which is totally not her at all. But, as I told her she needs to listen to the doctor because we all want her to heal quickly and completely.

Again, thanks to all our friends for your prayers, kind words and deeds. We truly appreciate all you have done, and are doing, for our family. God bless each of you!


One thought on “Emergency Surgery and Good Friends

  1. I've been following your updates and praying for the fam. What a blessing that they were able to act so quickly and that there were no complications! And praise God for modern technology/diagnostic tools!

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