Family Fun in 2009

I’ve heard more than once from my kids, “we never do anything fun”. I usually hear that when I’ve had to say no to a request. An exchange similar to this occurred recently, and it made me think of the many fun things we have done as a family over the past year. With the end of the year fast approaching I thought a look back at our family fun events of 2009 would make a good blog post, as well as a reminder to the kids about what fun things we got to do. Of course I can’t put everything we did in this post…that would take up far too much room. So, I decided to take a look back at my calendar (and the pictures we took) and just post a sampling of our family fun in 2009.

The first event I chose was Elise’s Sunday School field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in March. This was the first year I have been able to go with either of the girls on one of these overnight trips, and we had a blast! It wasn’t a trip for the whole family, but it was a great chance for me to do a little father-daughter bonding with Elise.

Since I made the trip to Chattanooga with Elise it was only fair I go with Rachel on her Sunday School field trip. Hers was in April, and we traveled the the Creation Museum just outside Cincinnati. Again, this was not a whole family outing, but it was a great time of bonding with Rachel. We had tons of fun and learned lots of interesting things.

In June Jacinda’s dad spent a week of his vacation with us. He typically does this every year, but we usually don’t hit any tourist spots in Nashville. This year we decided it would be fun to take him downtown to check out the Musician’s Hall of Fame. While it’s not as elaborate as the Country Music Hall of Fame it was pretty fun, and we did see some very cool memorabilia spanning several eras and covering all types of music.

In July we made one of our several trips to Knoxville. We spent July 4 weekend visiting family and friends (as pictured here).

Then, later in the month we headed down to Atlanta for a mini family vacation. There we spent time visiting many tourist sites including the Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain, and the World of Coke. Jacinda & I enjoyed showing the girls around all of the places we used to visit when we lived down there. While it wasn’t a vacation like we would have preferred it was still a very fun trip and the girls were happy we went.

In October Elise and I had a couple of good father-daughter fun events. First we had a little camping outing with her Sunday School group. We camped at Mr. Shane’s and went to a corn maze. I wasn’t too sure about camping, but it turned out to be really fun, although rather chilly.

The next day we attended an All-Pro Dad father & kids event at the Titans practice facility in Nashville. Rachel did not want to go, so I took Elise and one of her friends. We got to meet a couple of former Titans, hear some great speakers, and run a few football drills. The most fun we had was just running around the field and getting tackled (as seen here). It was a great day!

I’ll end my trip down memory lane with 3 sporting events. In November Rachel and I attended the Titans-Bills football game at LP Field. Elise had just had surgery the Friday before and was not able to go. That was Rachel’s second Titans game (I took her to the Pittsburgh game in 2008), and we had a great time. The Titans even won!

In December the whole family was able to attend the Titans-Rams game. That one was the first Titans game for Jacinda and Elise. Jacinda had an OK time, although she was a little bored. Elise, on the other hand, loved it! She took my lead and cheered when I did. It was a very cold evening, but we had fun and the Titans won again!

Then, the day after Christmas, Jacinda scored tickets to a Predators game. None of us had ever been to a Preds game before, so it was a real treat. Everyone had fun, but Rachel did get a little bored about halfway through. Elise had fun watching the action and taking lots of pictures. She and I both want to go again!

What I have posted here is just a sampling of many fun family activities we were involved in throughout 2009. There are plenty more, and I hope my girls remember those fun times. I look forward to lots more family fun time in 2010!

One thought on “Family Fun in 2009

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to the Creation Museum. We used a lot of their curriculum for homeschooling. Looks like you’re a great dad!!

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