Coping with Death

Today is a very sad day for me and several of my co-workers. We lost 2 of our friends and fellow employees over the weekend. One was 37, the other 51. Both died too young.

One of these folks I did not know much at all. She worked in another department in another building, so I never got much of a chance to get to know her very well. The other, Rick, I did know well. In fact we had become good friends, and he was like a brother to me. Rick was just one of those guys everyone liked. He made friends quickly and was simply a likable guy. I saw Rick every day, and we often had lunch together. He had even attended some church events with me. Things around the office just won’t be the same and he will be greatly missed.
I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around what has happened. When I first heard the news about my friend I didn’t want to believe it. I was sort of in shock most of the day. It’s still hard to believe he is actually gone. I don’t understand why, but I also know that I’m not supposed to. I believe God has a plan for everyone and everything. Although it’s difficult for me see at this point, I know God will use this tragic event for something good.
The next few days will not be easy as I say goodbye to my friend. I have had to deal with death several times in the past, so I know what to expect over the next several days. I’ve said before that I don’t see how people who don’t have a relationship with Christ can cope with death. It’s hard enough facing the death of a friend or family member and I just couldn’t imagine facing it alone. When you have that relationship with Jesus Christ you know that death is not the end. Instead it is just the beginning of a new and fantastic journey for those who are in Christ. What a comfort to know that there is more!
So, I’ll mourn in my own way. I will cry because Rick is gone. I will laugh as I remember the good times. I will rejoice knowing this is not the end and that he is in a better place. The good news is that God is in control and my hope is in Him alone. Because of Jesus Christ, those who put their trust in Him have conquered death and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Praise God that we have that assurance!

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