Hospitals and Waiting

My youngest daughter, Elise, had surgery today. It was minor ear surgery, and the doctor said things went well. We are still sitting in recovery waiting for her to wake up. We’ve been here all day and don’t know yet when we’ll get out of here. Sitting in a hospital waiting room and waiting brought me to today’s blog post.

Hospitals, to me, are a lot like airports. When you are stuck there waiting both are great places to people watch. Today we are at the children’s hospital, so we know that the people here waiting are parents and/or grandparents. They, like us, are waiting for a child having surgery. To me that’s the hardest part. When you’re waiting you are pretty much helpless. There is absolutely nothing you can do to help the doctors and nurses, and there is nothing that can be done to hurry things along. All you can do is sit and wait…hopefully patiently.
As I sat in the waiting room today watching some of the other people around me a thought came to mind. Are these folks at peace and waiting patiently, or are the anxious about what is going on? I’ll be the first to confess that I am not a very patient person. But today was different. I spent a bit of time in prayer over today’s surgery and have really been at peace through this whole ordeal. I did not find myself worrying about how things were going in the OR. Instead I was very relaxed and just had a peace about everything.
I could tell that others in the room seemed a little more anxious. I noticed some people up pacing around. Others were spending lots of time on cell phones giving updates to friends and family. Others just sort of had that look of nervousness. It’s tough waiting while one of your kids is in surgery, but what a blessing knowing that it was all in God’s hands and everything would be fine. I hope that those anxious parents were also able to find some peace while they waited.
One more thing I want to share is kind of amusing. After Elise has been in surgery for a couple of hours I was wondering how much longer it might take and hoping it wouldn’t be too long. My phone buzzed indicating a new e-mail. The message was today’s Play of the Day from All Pro Dad. The title was “Patience in Hard Times”. Click here to read the message. Needless to say I waited even more patiently the rest of the day, and am still waiting patiently as she sleeps.

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